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Club Case Studies

Mount Lawley Golf Club (WA)

Promote a team-like participation within existing regular competitions to elevate club camaraderie

What were your Objectives with Golf Premier League?

  • Club Atmosphere. We already have a lively Club atmosphere in particular the Wednesday PM players. By including the GPL it added a new dimension to this existing camaraderie
  • Increase interaction and participation

What did you do?

  • Promoted competition with entry form
  • Set up teams and collated comp fee and email addresses
  • Weekly re-cap of each round via email
  • Updates of fixtures and ladder on promotional outlets within the Club eg; social media, LCD screens and website
  • End of season dinner paired with a best and fairest count
  • Ongoing promotion of competition sponsors

What were the outcomes?

  • Improved club atmosphere
  • Increased engagement and interaction of members
  • Obtained Club sponsorship and revenue back into competition for prizes and end of season dinner

From an Administration perspective on behalf of the Club, I have found Tony and the team at GPL very efficient and timely in their communication and providing the results for all competitions (we currently have 3 running simultaneously). I also find the GPL website easy to manage but would emphasise that all Clubs provide their own separate communications to members within the competition to enhance the interaction and personalise the experience.

I would recommend Golf Premier League to Club’s wishing to promote a team-like participation within existing regular competitions to elevate Club camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Lauren Chaplin
Membership and Communications Coordinator

Goonawarra Golf Club

Limited our admin to simply setting up typical comps. I couldn’t recommend the GPL system any higher.

What were your Objectives with Golf Premier League?

The club previously ran a Team competition that was profitable however was time consuming to administer. The goal was to use Golf Premier League to free up administration time, maintain the financial benefits and look to increase participation through the dynamics of Golf Premier Leagues website, Best n Fairest presentation and communication channels

What did you do?

The main administration initially was promotion and collating the teams. During the competition we set up the normal competitions through our competition provider and Golf Premier League handled the logistics of configuration and administering the season

We held a night after the Grand Final using GPL’s Best and Fairest presentation as a finish to the season

What were the outcomes?

All goals were achieved in particularly the profitability of the competition was maintained from the previous event we ran. Participation was very strong through the season

The bonus was the Club Atmosphere was excellent, the engagement and interaction from and between the members was also excellent and the presentation night at the end of the season is one of the best nights we have had at the club

The predominant reason we moved to GPL rather than our own team golf event was the reduction of internal admin. In this Area Tony Craswell of GPL was outstanding and limited our admin to simply setting up typical comps. I couldn’t recommend the GPL system any higher. A great event and initiative

Jeff Graham
General Manager

Royal Adelaide Golf Club (SA)

Increases in field sizes has led to more bar turnover

What were your Objectives with Golf Premier League?

The main objectives were:

  • To increase participation particularly on days of poorer weather in the winter months
  • Improve club atmosphere by adding something a little special to normal Saturday competitions
  • Create more engagement and interaction between members with more play and a team link between members

What did you do?

Preseason promotion through communication collated the teams

We also:

Held a preseason dinner that was well received by the members of the teams

Sent a round summary email including predictions for the next round sent directly to GPL Players

Will be holding a Post season Best and Fairest count dinner to close the season using the presentation provided by GPL

What were the outcomes?

Members who attended the preseason dinner were quoted as saying “the members that weren’t there will be upset they missed something very special”. The preseason dinner was a crucial way for us to start the season and set the tone for the atmosphere and talk around GPL for the rest of the season

Committee members have noted the amount of discussion on GPL Saturdays around the club about the season, the results and individual performances

Increases in field sizes has led to more bar turnover and the preseason and post season functions have both been paid for by the attending players

GPL has been a great way to add a team’s event to our regular Saturday competition. The automation of results makes GPL easy to manage and provides the members with instant and up to date results. The format is great for increasing members’ engagement and boosting numbers in competition fields especially over the winter months

Chris Crocker
Director of Golf

Latrobe Golf Club (VIC)

Participation in Saturday competition is 17% higher in the 5 month ‘winter’ season than in the more pleasant Spring Summer months.

What were your Objectives with Golf Premier League?

  • The most important reason to try GPL was to create more club atmosphere and interaction among our members
  • Increasing engagement of members will lift playing numbers in competitions especially through the winter months
  • Create a revenue neutral beginning with the desire to lift revenue through entry fee and sponsorship

What did you do?

Collation of teams and settling on the season time through the year

Created a specific GPL place for the match Day prints to allow members a place to meet and interact

Completed at first a small email article which led to a blog that covered round by round results. Now there is a weekly YouTube GPL 357 talk show that has created interest and validation of sponsorship

Held a full ‘brownlow’ function that grew to be our biggest night of the year, over 120 each year since 2009 and an energetic and exciting finish to the GPL season

What were the outcomes?

GPL and the teams have become a significant part of the club’s yearly events. For the 5 months GPL is the talk of the club and the players are interacting with each other and engaged in the club in a manner not even believed possible

Participation in Saturday competition is 17% higher in the 5 month ‘winter’ season than in the more pleasant Spring/Summer months. We have bigger fields in winter

The Charles Latrobe medal night is now a highlight function of the year

The club has an official ‘anzac’ commemoration service each year with support of RSL and Legacy

The club makes a significant profit from increase in club competition fees, sponsorship, entry fee to GPL, function revenue and increase in Food and Beverage through the season

Since 2008, The Golf Premier League has become a much anticipated golf event for our members. Competition fields are stronger regardless of poor weather. We have seen positive outcomes in food and beverage trade and social interaction between members who would rarely cross paths. I would recommend Golf Premier League to any club looking for these outcomes

Rod Haines
General Manager
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