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Club Benefits

Overarching club benefits include:

  • Increased profitability
    • Increased competition fees with members playing more regularly
    • Increased food and beverage income with members spending more time and money in clubhouses
    • Opportunities to generate additional revenue from entry fees, and sponsorship partnerships
  • Reduced membership attrition and attracting new members
  • Creating a club atmosphere characterised by camaraderie and enjoyment
  • Transcending friendship groups and bridging age, gender and ability gaps across club membership bases

Administratively, clubs will benefit by:

  • No disruption to the normal syllabus, playing times or conditions of players
  • Very minimal additional work for club administrators
  • A license to use the Golf Premier League Rules
  • Use of the Golf Premier League website solution to automatically compiles draws, results and tables
  • Access to the Golf Premier League Team to set up and run a club’s League, including the provision of a business case to help create a profitable competition, as well as marketing tools.
  • A designated competition page on the Golf Premier League website. This is a record of all past and present Premiership seasons for players to find specific information about their club’s competitions.

Participant Benefits

Club Members will:

  • Be more motivated and have more fun on the golf course every week
  • Discover a new ‘team spirit’ dimension within their golf experiences – they are no longer playing just for themselves
  • Engage in their golf to the last putt, because every point they score could be the one that gets their team over the line on the day, or even for the season!
  • Experience ‘pride in the jumper’ and establish new bonds, friendships and rivalries