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About Golf Premier League

What is Golf Premier League

Golf Premier League is a league-style competition played at golf clubs within a club’s normal competition. Played at clubs of all sizes, it increases profitability, and importantly for players, it creates a ‘team spirit’ dimension within their golf experience.

How Does it Work?

Golf Premier League is:

  • Played within a club’s normal competition (in conjunction with any Stroke, Stableford, Par or Aggregate round).
  • Players book, pay and play in the normal club competition as they do any other day. They are not required to play with their League team mates.
  • Open to any player (male or female, of any ability) who plays in the club competition.
  • When a Golf Premier League competition is scheduled, the players’ scores are automatically calculated for the League competition.

The Premiership League is the main Golf Premier League competition. It comprises a number of teams who play a regular season of matches followed by a finals series. Each club decides how many teams they would like in their League, how many team members comprise each team, and what number of scores contribute towards the team score. For example, a team may be 6 players, with the best 3 scores to count as the team score each week.

Other optional League formats are the Knockout and the Team Survivor.

The Knockout is played during the finals of the Premiership, which allows the teams who missed the finals the opportunity to keep participating. This can be configured for all the teams, or just those who missed the finals series.

The Team Survivor is played during the regular season, with the worst scoring team being eliminated each week, until only two teams remain and play off to be the GPL Team Survivor.

There is also the Golf Premier League Medallist at the completion of every season. This includes a “live count” of the best and fairest for that season. This creates an opportunity for a function at the club with a live leaderboard updating as the count progresses. Members compile confidential votes from each match of the regular season until the winner is revealed.

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange a competition at your club.

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Who is Golf Premier League?

Golf Premier League Pty Ltd was established in 2012. The original Golf Premier League concept was developed by Tony Craswell, the Head Professional of La Trobe Golf Club in Melbourne in 2008. Following significant success and interest from other golf clubs, Golf Premier League officially went to market in November 2012.

Golf Premier League was officially endorsed by Golf Australia in 2016.