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How Golf Premier League Works

  1. Choose the day or days to host a competition
  2. Pick a starting date for the first round
  3. Add your entry fee
  4. Create your teams and tee off

Everything club managers need to know about Golf Premier League in under 2 minutes

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See What’s in it For Your Club

  • Increase Participation

    During a GPL season, players play 44% more than outside the GPL season

  • Creates Social Connections

    GPL players interact more and take more interest in other members scores

  • More Engaged in Golf

    Over 92% of players have indicated they would play in another GPL season

  • Drive revenue

    More participation enables a club to drive club revenues from different sources

  • Welcoming New Members

    GPL allows for immediate connection to others for newer members at the club

  • Simple to Use

    Simply upload scores to Golflink as normal and GPL does the rest

Participation in Saturday competition is 17% higher in the 5 month ‘winter’ season than in the more pleasant Spring Summer months.
Rod Haines General manager

Latrobe Golf Club (VIC)

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What your Club gets

  • Increase in Participation during the GPL season

  • Drive additional revenue through entry fees and sponsorship partnerships

  • More engaged and connected membership through the interactions of team sport

  • Creating a club atmosphere characterised by fun and social banter

  • Free Golf Competition Trial
  • Easy setup
  • No Credit Card Required

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Golf Premier League acknowledges the endorsement of The Victorian Golf Foundation through its grant to assist the further development of Golf Premier League

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The format is great for increasing members’ engagement and boosting numbers in competition fields especially over the winter months
Chris Crocker Director of Golf

Royal Adelaide Golf Club (SA)